Learning to be happy, happy to learn

Julie Greer

Cherbourg Primary School

Julie Greer is Headteacher at Cherbourg Primary School in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. She has been a headteacher for over twenty years in two schools and has had a career long commitment to meeting the needs of all children. Her leadership exemplifies an inclusive approach to education, including the provision of a local authority funded resource for pupils with social emotional and mental health needs, all of whom have autistic spectrum conditions. Julie Greer graduated as a Doctor of Education from the University of Southampton in 2015.


This paper, delivered as an oral poster, will present the views of parents and their children, whose diverse and often delightful approaches to learning are affected by their Autistic spectrum needs. In conversation with a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Julie Greer (Cherbourg Primary School)

Topic Area

Topics: Practice


V6C » Oral Posters: Comorbidities; mental health and wellbeing; access to healthcare III (10:20 - Saturday, 17th September, Moorfoot Room)