Title: Improving the quality of life through a Sensory Intervention Programme

Joy Beaney

Autism Train

Joy Beaney MA, has many years experience in both mainstream and special education. She has been in charge of a facility for children with autism that was attached to a mainstream primary school, Assistant Head at a special school and manager of an Inclusion Support Service that provided training and outreach support for staff in mainstream schools. Joy lectures at Brighton University delivering their Post Graduate Certificate in autism.She has undertaken research scholarships for the Department of Education on ‘Developing the Thinking Skills of Children with Autism’ and ‘Using Visual Support’. She has also completed a piece of research for the College of School Leadership which focused on the key features of a successful Inclusion Support Service. Joy has published two books for the National Autistic Society- Autism in the Primary classroom and Autism in the Secondary Classroom. Joy has also published a Sensory Assessment and Intervention Programme. She is a member of the Autism Education Trust’s Expert Reference Group.Joy promotes and shares best practice through delivering training both nationally and internationally on aspects of autism ranging from courses on autism awareness to a post graduate certificate.

Kay AlGhani

Autism Train

Kay Al-Ghani is a Specialist Advisory Teacher, Autism Trainer and Inclusion Consultant with over 35 years experience in Education. Kay is a part time lecturer at Brighton University delivering their Post Graduate Certificate in autism. She is experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and remediation of children with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia & Dyscalculia) and in the teaching of children with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Semantic/Pragmatic Disorder, ADHD and Down’s Syndrome. Kay has designed and presented a range of training to professionals, parents and students.Kay is the author of ASD related books, published by Jessica Kingsley including: The Red Beast: Controlling anger in children with Asperger Syndrome, The Panicosaurus: Managing anxiety in children including those with Asperger, Learning About Friendship: Stories to support social skills training in children with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism and From Home to School with Autism: How to make inclusion a success She is also a writer of children’s books, illustrated by her son, Haitham, who has High Functioning Autism.


a. Background / introduction This poster and presentation explores the sensory difficulties exhibited by children with an autistic spectrum disorder and raises awareness of the possible significance of these difficulties on... [ view full abstract ]

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There is no conflict of interest. I followed the guidelines on ethics, produced by the British Education Research Association (BERA), both on the way data was gathered and the dissemination of the project. The research... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Joy Beaney (Autism Train)
  2. Kay AlGhani (Autism Train)

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V5 » Oral Posters: Housing and environments; sensory issues (17:50 - Friday, 16th September, Moorfoot Room)

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