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Charlene Tait

Scottish Autism

Charlene Tait is Director of Autism Practice and Research at Scottish Autism, the largest provider of autism services in Scotland. She has worked in the field of autism for over twenty six years. In that time she has been engaged in direct practice, was lecturer and Course Director in Postgraduate Autism studies at the University of Strathclyde and has been involved in a number of national, strategic initiatives. Her role within Scottish Autism involves strategic leadership in the development and continuous quality improvement of autism practice, Knowledge management and practitioner research as well as the development of Scottish Autism’s Centre for Practice Innovation Her main areas of professional interest are in family support and enabling quality of life and quality lifestyles for people across the autism spectrum.

Catriona Stewart

Scottish Autism

Catriona Stewart's doctoral research study focussed on girls with Asperger's syndrome and anxiety; her research is underpinned by the lived experience as a valid and essential form of data. She is committed to raising awareness and understanding and to the promotion of ongoing knowledge exchange.Dr Stewart gives talks, presentations and training. As Academic Advisor to Scottish Autism's Right Click programme, she is engaged in further research into experiences of spectrum women and girls. She presented in 2015 to a subcommittee of UN Women in Geneva and is one of an advisory group to the National Autism Project. Catriona has recently joined the Autism Support team at Scottish Autism as an Autism Advisor. In her spare time, Catriona is studying for her 2nd MSc, an applied research degree in Gender Studies at Stirling University.


Under-diagnosis of autistic females results in poor levels of awareness and understanding of the needs of this population and potentially poor prognosis for health and well-being throughout the lifespan of each individual. ... [ view full abstract ]

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