Reducing stress in teenagers with autism by training in range of relaxation and mindfulness activities

Liz Cooper

Freemantles School ( A Surrey Specialist School for Autism)

Liz has been a teacher for over 20 years and has spent the last 7 years working at Freemantles School in Woking. Freemantles is a school specifically for children and young people with complex autism. The school has a particular emphasis on developing emotional well being and as part of this Liz became interested in Mindfulness and how this could be used with the students . With Sarah Hepburn , Liz has developed a programme teaching young people with ASC about anxiety and how they could use relaxation and mindfulness to manage their own stress levels .


Many young people with autism experience a high level of stress in everyday living. This has an impact on their quality of life that persists into adulthood with a third of adults with autism experiencing mental health... [ view full abstract ]

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This project was offered to all of students in the Post 16 department of Freemantles school who were able to be able to access the sessions . Of the families interested 8 students were selected randomly and informed consent... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Liz Cooper (Freemantles School ( A Surrey Specialist School for Autism))
  2. Sarah Hepburn (Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust)

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S20 » Symposia: Comorbidities; mental health and wellbeing; access to healthcare II (09:00 - Sunday, 18th September, Tinto Room)

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