Identifying the gaps at school based play interventions for children with autism

Lila Kossyvaki

University of Birmingham

Dr Lila Kossyvaki is a lecturer in Severe Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties in the Department of Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs (DISN) at the School of Education, University of Birmingham. Lila is a chartered psychologist and a SEN teacher. She has a strong interest in school and home-based interventions to promote social communication and play skills in children with autism and learning difficulties. She primarily uses participatory action research designs working in close partnerships with participants in real world settings. Lila has worked on a number of research projects. She has also worked in the Autism DE courses supervising students from undergraduate to Masters levels. Before she commenced her PhD, she worked for a research centre in the University of Athens and as a lecturer in the Public Institute of Vocational Training (Greece). Lila has also worked in special schools and day care settings for adults in Greece and the UK. During her PhD studies she worked as an academic and social support worker for the disability and learning support services in the University of Birmingham. She is part of the advisory team of and a governor in charge of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Hamilton School.


Introduction: Play is fundamental in children’ s socio-emotional and cognitive development but it is often neglected in school practice. Children with autism show restricted play skills compared to the play of their... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lila Kossyvaki (University of Birmingham)
  2. Despina Papoudi (University of Birmingham)

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Topics: Research


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