Empowering Autistic Women in Pregnancy and Motherhood

Lana Grant

Lana Grant Autism Consultancy

I am an autistic adult who received my diagnosis at 38. I am also the parent to autistic children and I work as an autism advisor and trainer. I specialise in the area of autism and females, particularly most recently around pregnancy and motherhood. I run a social media group for autistic mothers and speak nationally about this topic. I was involved with Scottish Autism Right Click Women and Girls Programme and I am a member of the Autism Education Trust (AET) Expert Reference Group. I have twenty years experience of working with children with special educational needs. I also work within a specialist local authority team in the Midlands advising and training mainstream school staff and supporting autistic young people and their parents. I am an author and blogger about all things autism.


I received a late diagnosis of autism aged 38. This followed diagnosis of a male family member. By this age I was a mother to five children. I had undergone traumatic experiences during pregnancy, suffering with high levels... [ view full abstract ]


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V14B » Oral Posters: History, culture, self-advocacy, empowerment II (10:20 - Sunday, 18th September, Moorfoot Room)

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