Helping you to rescue me. The rescue of people with ASD: guidelines for firefighters


Introduction. Rescuing a person on the autism specrtum in a dangerous situation (i.e. collapsed or burning buildings) could be a challenge both for the person herself, who lives an unexpected critical situation, and for... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Emanuela Sedran (Fondazione Bambini e Autismo Onlus)
  2. Marianna Filippini (Fondazione Bambini e Autismo Onlus)
  3. Odette Copat (Fondazione Bambini e Autismo Onlus)
  4. Stefano Zanut (Corpo nazionale dei vigili del fuoco)
  5. Cinzia Raffin (Fondazione Bambini e Autismo Onlus)

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Topics: Practice


V3 » Oral Posters: Communication; interventions III (16:30 - Friday, 16th September, Moorfoot Room)

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