High functioning autism in child and adolescent females


Passing from a prevalence of 1:1000 (DSM-IV-TR) to 1:100 (DSM-5) in the last 13 years, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has earned a central role in scientific research and clinical practice. Even if we assume that Male:Female... [ view full abstract ]

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  1. Concetta de Giambattista (University of Bari "Aldo Moro")
  2. Patrizia Ventura (Azienda Ospedaliera Consorziale Policlinico di Bari)
  3. Lucia Margari (University of Bari "Aldo Moro")

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Topics: Research


S24 » Symposia: Women and Girls (16:20 - Saturday, 17th September, Pentland Auditorium)

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