Are drawings of youngsters with Asperger's Syndrome diagnostically specific? Analysis of visual and thematic characteristics

Anna Waligórska

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities, SOTIS Autism Therapy Center

Anna Waligórska, Ph. D. – assistant professor at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, director of research and development at the SOTIS Autism Therapy Center, member of Autism-Europe. Specializes in therapy of autism spectrum disorders, especially with reference to developmental, visual and narrative aspects. Her publications concern effectiveness of ASD therapy methods (including use of new technologies), visual communication, psychological aspects of visual experience and preferences. Since 2005 participates in the development of the SOTIS Autism Therapy Center. Specializes clinically in therapy and diagnosis of children and teenagers with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome - latest activities include co-introducing STAT (Screening Test for Autism in Toddlers, Stone, 2008) to Poland and participation in ADOS-2 Polish validation.


Background and objectives: Atypical visual analysis is claimed as a specific skill of persons with ASD. However, drawings of children with autism usually don’t reveal specific visual characteristics (i.a. Lee & Hobson,... [ view full abstract ]

Ethics and permissions statement and / or disclosure of potential conflict of interest (if relevant)

Authors declare no conflict on interests. Participation in the study was based on consent of both parents and participants. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anna Waligórska (The University of Social Sciences and Humanities, SOTIS Autism Therapy Center)
  2. Ilona Sas (The University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

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Topics: Research


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