It is All a Normal Variation - and Then What? The Experience of Running a Psychological Service for People with ASD

Asdis Bergthorsdottir

Independent Psychology Practice

I come from a family where autistic traits are common. I have a son (now 17 yrs) with Atypical autism. After his diagnoses nine years ago I decided to become a psychologist (I was and am still a computer programmer). I now run small part time private practice for people with ASD and parents of children with ASD. I only do counselling and therapy (no diagnoses). I work from presumption that ASD is a normal variation and that ASD people need solutions that suit them, not typical NT solutions.


The view that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is normal variation among people is gaining ground. Consequently, there is a call for psychological services where the focus is less on treatment but more on support and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Asdis Bergthorsdottir (Independent Psychology Practice)

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S16 » Symposia: History, culture, self-advocacy, empowerment (16:20 - Saturday, 17th September, Sidlaw Auditorium)

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