An Evaluation of a SCERTS based, Multidisciplinary Support Project to Improve Social and Emotional Outcomes for Young Autistic Children following Diagnosis

Ryan Bradley

Oxfordshire County Council

Ryan Bradley is a Research Fellow in the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham. He is working on the Transforming Educational Practice in Autism research project which is funded by the European Commission, through their Erasmus Plus programme, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships. Ryan is also a doctoral student within ACER and has previously collaborated with them as a core author of the Autism Education Trust’s Schools and Early Years Programmes. Ryan is passionate about improving outcomes for children and young people with autism and has a strong interest in researching school based approaches and inclusion. He has been a member of the Autism Education Trust’s Expert Reference Group since 2007 and is currently on the Programme Board. He also works as a manager for the Communication and Interaction Service in Oxfordshire. This is a local authority service that works with students, schools, parents and other services to promote the education and inclusion of children and young people with autism. He was on the steering group for the Early Year Autism Project.


Background and Objectives A two year project was established to work intensively with young autistic children, their families, education settings and support teams. Nine children aged between two and five were selected at... [ view full abstract ]

Ethics and permissions statement and / or disclosure of potential conflict of interest (if relevant)

The Oxfordshire Early Years Autism Support Project and the evaluation were carried out with regular oversight of a Steering Group which included representatives from Health, Education, a parent support charity (Autism Family... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Geoffrey Morgan (Oxfordshire County Council)
  2. Karen Guldberg (University of Birmingham)
  3. Ryan Bradley (Oxfordshire County Council)

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Topics: Practice


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