The ketogenic diet for patients with brain tumours: Two parallel randomised trials


The ketogenic diet (KD) has attracted considerable interest from the brain tumour community. There is evidence for synergy with radiotherapy in animal models, and improved seizure control in children with epilepsy due to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matt Williams (Imperial College Healthcare Trust)
  2. Helen Cross (University College London)
  3. Michael D Jenkinson (University of Liverpool)
  4. Kirsty Martin (University of Liverpool)
  5. Susan Wood (Matthew's Friends)
  6. Adrienne C. Scheck (Barrow Neurological Institute)
  7. Nelofer Syed (Imperial College London)
  8. Kevin O'Neill (Imperial College Healthcare Trust)
  9. Katie Sheen (Astro Fund)
  10. Catherine Zabilowicz (Matthew's Friends)
  11. Kieran Breen (Brain Tumour Research)
  12. Kathy Oliver (International Brain Tumour Alliance)
  13. Emma Williams (Matthew's Friends)
  14. Mike Johnson (Imperial College)
  15. Wendy Fulcher (Brain Tumour Research Campaign)

Topic Areas

Laboratory and Clinical Science , Adult Gliomas


OS-22B » Parallel Session B: Clinical (09:40 - Thursday, 22nd June, Prestonfield)

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