Understanding missed opportunities for more timely diagnosis of brain cancer – what can we learn from the BRACED qualitative interview study with adult glioma patients?


BACKGROUND: BRACED (The BRAin Cancer Early Detection study) is a qualitative study of patient perspectives on factors affecting timely diagnosis of primary brain tumours. Patient, doctor and health-care system-related factors... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Clarissa Penfold (University of Cambridge)
  2. Alexis J Joannides (University of Cambridge)
  3. William Sage (University of Cambridge)
  4. Andrew Brodbelt (The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust)
  5. Michael D Jenkinson (The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust)
  6. Stephen Price (University of Cambridge)
  7. Colin Watts (University of Cambridge)
  8. Joyce Bell (Norfolk Brain Tumour Support Group)
  9. Margaret Johnson (Primary Care Unit, University of Cambridge)
  10. Willie Hamilton (University of Exeter)
  11. Fiona M Walter (University of Cambridge)

Topic Area

Adult Gliomas


OS-22C » Parallel Session C: Enhancing Survival/Nursing/AHP (09:00 - Thursday, 22nd June, Pentland West)

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