An observational study of neurocognitive function in patients undergoing stereotactic radiosurgery at Velindre Cancer Centre


Radiation treatment for brain metastases has traditionally involved whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT). Technical developments now allow radiotherapy to be targeted precisely to small areas of cancer within the brain using... [ view full abstract ]


  1. james powell (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  2. Najmus Sahar iqbal (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  3. Maeve Smyth (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  4. Anne Johnson (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  5. Michelle Smalley (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  6. Richard Wise (CUBRIC, Cardiff University)
  7. Derek Jones (CUBRIC, Cardiff University)
  8. Owen Tilsley (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  9. Andrew Bryant (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  10. Anthony Millin (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  11. David G Lewis (Velindre Cancer Centre)
  12. John Staffurth (Velindre Cancer Centre)

Topic Areas

Cerebral Mets/ Other CNS Malignancies , Imaging


OS-22C » Parallel Session C: Enhancing Survival/Nursing/AHP (09:00 - Thursday, 22nd June, Pentland West)

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