Re-mediators of Culture: Young America's Newsboys

Manuel Herrero-Puertas

New York Institute of Technology-Nanjing

Manuel Herrero-Puertas is Assistant Professor of English at the New York Institute of Technology-Nanjing, P.R. China. His areas of specialty include nineteenth-century American literature, disability studies, the medical humanities, childhood studies, and transnational literature. He is currently at work on a monograph that examines nationalist fantasies of disability throughout the nineteenth-century, as embodied by freak-show dwarves, vanishing Indians, convalescing children, and invalid veterans. His work has appeared in American Quarterly and ATLANTIS. He has also contributed to several editorial projects on pedagogical approaches to literary studies.


This essay tackles the confluence of the rising penny-press industry with the cult of childhood innocence in antebellum US. Newsboys embodied this junction. Cherubic, rosy-dimpled children with a bundle of dailies under their... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Manuel Herrero-Puertas (New York Institute of Technology-Nanjing)

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Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth


S7a » Seminar 7.a: Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth I (15:45 - Friday, 23rd March, Boardroom East)

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