"Sympathy and Retribution: Climates of Widowhood and the American Civil War"

Meaghan Fritz

Northwestern University

Meaghan Fritz is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at Northwestern University. She received her BA in 2007 in English and Spanish literature from Georgia State University. In 2010 she graduated from Georgetown University with an MA in English, where she wrote her Master’s thesis on nineteenth-century women editors of abolitionist periodicals and gift books. Her dissertation, “American Widows Willed: Uncovering Women’s Citizenship in Nineteenth-Century American Literature” explores the widow as a figure through which authors of fiction and poetry explored independent women’s citizenship prior to universal suffrage.


Meaghan M. FritzNorthwestern University “Sympathy and Retribution: Climates of Widowhood and the American Civil War” This paper investigates climates of sympathy and retribution that followed the intentional massacre of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Meaghan Fritz (Northwestern University)

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Individual paper


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