I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost: Approaching the Supernatural and Serendipitous in Scholarly Work

Cheryl Spinner

The College of Charleston

Dr. Cheryl Spinner is Adjunct Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston. She holds a doctorate in English and a Certificate in Feminist Studies from Duke University, where she was a Nathan J. Perilman Fellow at the Center for Jewish Studies and a PhD Lab Scholar in Digital Knowledge. Her current book project Debunk Me Not: Science and Romantic Feeling explores the communities at the margins of normative science, whose supernatural belief systems were written out of Western modernity’s project of secularization in the 19th- and early-20th centuries. 


The material I intend to workshop for this seminar comes from my book project tentatively titled Debunk Me Not: Science and Romantic Feeling, which provides a model for what I call intuitive historiographic methods as a way... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cheryl Spinner (The College of Charleston)

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Expanding Forms: a Writing Workshop


S4a » Seminar 4.a: Expanding Forms: a Writing Workshop I (08:00 - Friday, 23rd March, Boardroom East)

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