Preserving Indigenous Design: A Digital Humanist Approach

Monica Urban

University of Houston

Monica Urban is a Visiting Assistant Professor & Writing Fellow at the University of Houston. She received her PhD from the University of Miami, and her areas of interest include early and nineteenth-century American literature, gender, material culture, and digital humanities. She is working on her book manuscript tentatively titled “Fashion Sense: Surfaces, Aesthetics, and Urban Space in U.S. Literature and Culture,” and recently presented papers at SEA and the international conferences of the Melville Society and the Society for the Study of American Women Writers.


          This paper argues that a digital archive of Native American expression through clothing and beadwork will not only provide new forms of meaning through material culture, but will also preserve indigenous... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Monica Urban (University of Houston)

Topic Area

Indigenous Textualities: Native Americans, Writing, and Representation


S1 » Seminar 1: Indigenous Textualities: Native Americans, Writing, and Representation (08:00 - Thursday, 22nd March, Boardroom East)

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