Weathering Exile: Precarity and José Martí in New York City of the 1880s

Sarah Skillen

University of Southern California

Sarah Skillen is a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish and Latin American Studies within the Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture Doctoral Program at the University of Southern California. Her dissertation thesis, Errant Maternity: Threatening Femininity in Caribbean Discourses of Family, Nation, and Revolution, deals with the maternal as it plays into notions of sex, race and colonialism in the Spanish and French Caribbean. Her readings of Caribbean texts tease out an understanding of the mother as a relationality whose presence and absence disturb the boundaries of nationalism and the scene of legitimacy in the Caribbean of the nineteenth century.


Sarah Skillen, University of Southern California, “Weathering Exile: Precarity and José Martí in New York City of the 1880s”: In his essay “El abrigo de aire,” Antonio José Ponte describes the tragicomic character... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sarah Skillen (University of Southern California)

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