Ephemerality of Performance and the Archival Traces of Early Black Enslaved Printers

Jonathan Senchyne

University of Wisconsin-Madison; Graduate Center, CUNY

Jonathan Senchyne is currently the Pine Tree Foundation Distinguished Visiting Fellow in the Future of the Book in a Digital Age at the CUNY Graduate Center, and Assistant Professor of Book History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At Wisconsin, he also directs the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture. His recent work has been published in PMLA, Technology and Culture, Book History.


In this seminar, I want to learn from Professor Mitchell and others how theories of performance, and black performance in particular, can help us think about "recovering" the physical and intellectual labor of enslaved... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jonathan Senchyne (University of Wisconsin-Madison; Graduate Center, CUNY)

Topic Area

Performing Citizenship in Hostile Climates


S5 » Seminar 5: Performing Citizenship in Hostile Climates (10:15 - Friday, 23rd March, Boardroom East)

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