Industrial Revolutions: African American Commuters and the Climate of Segregation in Nineteenth-Century Rail-Cars

Mixon Robinson

Emory University

Mixon is a PhD Candidate in the Emory University Department of English. He plans to complete his dissertation, "Between Stations: American Liberty and Locomotion from Walden to Plessy," this spring. His work examines the cultural and political value of mobility for people marginalized by institutional structures. His research in the archives of American literature, culture, and law engages the methodologies of law and culture studies; media studies; performance studies; and sensory history. He is currently a Mellon Graduate Teaching Fellow at Dillard University, a HBCU in New Orleans, Louisiana.


While the railway network's expansion during the nineteenth century profoundly impacted the ecological environment of the United States – a change famously documented in Henry Thoreau’s Walden – it also created a new... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mixon Robinson (Emory University)

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