Learning from the "white-chests": schoolroom discipline and rewriting history in Francis LaFlesche's The Middle Five

Ilana Larkin

Northwestern University

Ilana Larkin is a PhD candidate in the English department at Northwestern University. She studies nineteenth-century American childhood and is particularly interested in depictions of children and mothers in both children's literature and in nineteenth-century mothering manuals and guidebooks. She is also interested in medical humanities, psychoanalytic theory, and gender and sexuality studies. She has presented papers on motherhood and children's literature at the University of Tours, the ALA, NeMLA, and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. 


The emergence of the school story in nineteenth-century America reflected the nation’s interest in the power of education to produce social reform. Drawing on Darwinian theories of environmental conditioning, schools became... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ilana Larkin (Northwestern University)

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Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth


S7a » Seminar 7.a: Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth I (15:45 - Friday, 23rd March, Boardroom East)

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