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Christine Wooley

St. Mary's College of Maryland

Christine A. Wooley is an associate professor and chair of the English Department at St. Mary's College of Maryland, where she also serves as interim associate dean of curriculum.  Her current work focuses on representations of debt, growth, and money in postbellum US literature.  Her essays have appeared in the African American Review, Mississippi Quarterly, and two recent collections, Haunting Realities: Naturalist Gothic and American Realism and The Palgrave Handbook of the Southern Gothic.  She also has an essay on African-American realism forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism.   


The strength of the United States can be understood as predicated on growth: spreading democracy, westward expansion, a booming population, increased agricultural production, larger and more expansive corporations.  This... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Christine Wooley (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

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Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth


S7b » Seminar 7.b: Childhood Teleologies: Climates of Growth II (10:15 - Saturday, 24th March, Boardroom East)

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