"Cropped Photographs and Mislabeled Paintings: Arturo Schomburg's Reflections on Archival Practices and the Possibilities of Recovery"

Adalaine Holton

Stockton University

Adalaine Holton is Associate Professor of Literature at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey. She is the coordinator of the Literature Program and a member of the Master of Arts in American Studies and the Africana Studies program at Stockton. She teaches courses in 19th - and 20th -century American literature and culture, African American literature, and critical theory. Her work appears in the Journal of African American History, The Arizona Quarterly, and MELUS. Her current book project, tentatively titled Counter Archives: The Politics of Knowledge Production in the Black Atlantic examines innovative archival projects constructed by African American intellectuals.


One of the most influential bibliophiles of the African diaspora, Arturo Schomburg compiled a vast collection of books, historical records, and artwork from a range of Afrodiasporic communities, and his collection formed the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adalaine Holton (Stockton University)

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