Lynn Wardley

San Francisco State University

Lynn Wardley teaches American C18, C19, and C20 literature and Literature at San Francisco State University. She has completed the book ms., "Lamarck's Daughters: American Literature and the Power of Life, 1790-1920." "Lamarck's Daughters" brings forward the enduring but overlooked presence of an evolutionary model of the self in American fiction, a model indebted to Lamarck's biology. It analyses novels, essays, and plays in which Lamarckisms are enlisted for feminist politics. A sample of that work appeared recently in ALH, vol 28 (2016): "Fear of Falling and the Rise of Girls: Lamarck's Knowledge in What Maisie Knew."


One of the most startling developments in the post-genomic biology of C21 is the revival of what the geneticists Eve Jablonka and Marion Lamb call the “Lamarckian dimension.” The Lamarckian premises that organisms have the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lynn Wardley (San Francisco State University)

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C19 Environmental Humanities


P66 » Vitalisms (08:30 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment C)

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