Frederick Douglass's New National Era and Reconstruction's Low Whistle

Kathleen Diffley

University of Iowa

Kathleen Diffley is Associate Professor of English at the University of Iowa and Director of the Civil War Caucus at the M/MLA. Author of Where My Heart Is Turning Ever: Civil War Stories and Constitution Reform, 1861-1876 (1992), she has edited To Live and Die: Collected Stories of the Civil War (2002), and Witness to Reconstruction (2011), a collection of essays about Constance Fenimore Woolson’s sojourns in the mysterious and ravaged postwar South.  She is currently completing a book about telling the war in a magazine culture shaped by market concerns. 


Kathleen Diffley counters with “Frederick Douglass’s New National Era and Reconstruction’s Low Whistle,” which focuses on a weekly paper (1870-74) that was founded in Washington just as the Fifteenth Amendment assured... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kathleen Diffley (University of Iowa)

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