Broken Homes, Injured Furnishings & Narrative Renovations in the Postbellum South

Kristen Treen

University College London

Kristen Treen is a Teaching Fellow at University College London. She recently completed her PhD on American Civil War literature, memory, and material culture at the University of Cambridge and has published her work in Writing, Machine, Code: Modern Technologies (forthcoming), edited by Sean Pryor and David Trotter, and a Glossator special issue on Marianne Moore (2016).


Rounding out the panel, Kristen Treen explores the literary afterlives of Confederate possessions that were rifled and torn by invading northern troops, damaged things that became an enduring reminder of lost privilege, lost... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kristen Treen (University College London)

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P69 » Reconstruction's Forecast (10:15 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment B)

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