Critical Race Bottoming Studies and Theodore Winthrop's Cecil Dreeme

Travis Foster

Villanova University

Travis M. Foster is an assistant professor of English at Villanova University. His monograph, "After Emancipation: Genres of the New Racial Ordinary," tracks the role played by popular generic literature in the transition from slavery to Jim Crow. His work has appeared in ALH, American Literature, ESQ, History of the Present, and the Cambridge Companion to Gay and Lesbian American Literature. Along with Timothy Griffiths, he is co-editing a special issue of Legacy titled "American Women's Writing and the Genealogies of Queer Thought."


Travis Foster’s paper begins by noting that bottoming occupies a key convergence between critical race studies and queer theory. Much of this thinking situates bottoming as a combination of abjection and pleasure through... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Travis Foster (Villanova University)

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