Fossil, Flutter: Speculative Poetics and Planetary Forces—the Dickinson Variations"

Renée Bergland

Simmons College

Renée Bergland is Hazel Dick Leonard Research Professor and Chair of the Department of English at Simmons College in Boston. She wrote The National Uncanny: Indian Ghosts and American Subjects and Maria Mitchell and the Sexing of Science: An Astronomer Among the American Romantics.  She edited Philosophies of Sex: Essays on Julia Ward Howe’s Hermaphrodite (with Gary Williams), and the forthcoming special issue of Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Emily Dickinson and Others.  She is at work on two gradually emerging books: one about Hawthorne, Melville, James, and the sexing of the novel, another on Dickinson’s planetary poetics.


The emergence of the "New Materialisms" as a research agenda within the humanities implies a break with the mechanical, anthropocentric materialisms of previous centuries. It opens up new vistas in regards to materiality,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Renée Bergland (Simmons College)

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P04 » Speculative Materialisms in the Nineteenth Century (08:30 - Thursday, 22nd March, Enchantment E)

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