Frederick Douglass, Photography and a More Perfect Image

Laura Wexler

Yale University

Laura Wexler is Professor of American Studies, of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, of Film & Media Studies, Co-Chair of the Public Humanities Program, and Director of the Photographic Memory Workshop at Yale. She is author of Tender Violence: Domestic Visions in an Age of U. S. Imperialism (UNC 2000), Pregnant Pictures (Routledge 2000), and Candy/A Good and Spacious Land (Yale 2017), a pair of books and an exhibition that are the culmination of a four-year-long project documenting New Haven’s dreams in its built environment, along with Magnum photographers Donovan Wylie and Jim Goldberg, and co-writer Christopher Klattel.


The Civil War has long been recognized as having consequences for representation—in its relationship to the emergence of photographic technologies, its connection to longstanding literary depictions of masculinity, and its... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Laura Wexler (Yale University)

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P11 » Masculinity and Representation in the Civil War (10:15 - Thursday, 22nd March, Fiesta I-II)

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