Staging the Dismal Swamp during the Civil War

Tynes Cowan

Birmingham-Southern College

William Tynes Cowan is an Associate Professor of English at Birmingham-Southern College, where he teaches courses in American literature. Author of The Slave in the Swamp: Disrupting the Plantation Narrative (Routledge, 2005), his current research examines the life and works of Birmingham's first best-selling author, Mary Johnston, who helped create the Birmingham Equal Suffrage Association. In light of findings by the Great Dismal Swamp Landscape Study, he has returned to the study of literary swamps—in particular, their relation to regional identity construction during the Civil War. Cowan earned his doctorate in American Studies from the College of William & Mary.


On the day Jeb Stuart was mortally wounded defending the Confederate capital, R. D’Orsey Ogden, manager of the New Richmond Theatre, was busy preparing his most spectacular production, The Ghost of the Dismal Swamp. Having... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tynes Cowan (Birmingham-Southern College)

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P09 » *Dark Eden* Revisited: Literatures and Cultures of America's Wetlands (10:15 - Thursday, 22nd March, Enchantment B)

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