Tales Told by Empty Sleeves, or, The Economics and Aesthetics of Post-Civil War Mendicant Texts

Jean Franzino

Beloit College

Jean Franzino is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Beloit College. Her research focuses on disability in nineteenth-century American literature and culture. Her current book projects concern how the U.S. “freak show” influenced literary, popular, and political discourses on slavery and abolition, and how writings from the U.S. Civil War shaped emergent formulations of disabled identity. Her work has appeared in venues including American Quarterly and Disability Studies Quarterly. In 2016, she was named an Irving K. Zola Emerging Scholar in Disability Studies by the Society for Disability Studies.


This paper considers the intersection of performance and consumption through post-Civil War “mendicant” texts, the works composed and circulated by disabled veterans for their financial support. In the exchange called into... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jean Franzino (Beloit College)

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P16 » Acts of Consumption: Performance, Bodies, Culture (14:00 - Thursday, 22nd March, Enchantment A)

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