Imperial Geodetics: Timekeeping and Place-Making in 1840s New Mexico

Robert Gunn

University of Texas at El Paso

Robert L. Gunn, panelist, is Associate Professor of English, and affiliated faculty of the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies, at the University of Texas, El Paso. His research centers on North American literatures and culture prior to 1900, and focus primarily on the shifting western geographies of American empire in the nineteenth century.  His book, Ethnology and Empire: Languages, Literature, and the Making of the North American Borderlands, was published by NYU Press in 2015 as part of the series “America and the Long 19th Century,” and is the winner of the 2016 Early American Literature First Book Prize.


Given its importance to cultural and literary history, the term “frontier” has nevertheless remained ambiguous. Patricia Nelson Limerick defines it as a “place undergoing conquest,” for instance, while Donald Worster... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robert Gunn (University of Texas at El Paso)

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P24 » The Frontiers of Time (15:45 - Thursday, 22nd March, Enchantment E)

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