To Lose Myself in a Wood': Proximate Ecologies in Richard Ligon's True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados

Andrea Knutson

Oakland University

Andrea Knutson is an associate professor of English at Oakland University, where she teaches early and 19th-century American literature. She is the author of American Spaces of Conversion: The Conductive Imaginaries of Edwards, Emerson, and James (New York: Oxford UP, 2011) and she recently co-edited a special issue on “Fugitive Environmentalisms” with Kathryn Dolan for the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association. The present paper is part of the research she’s conducting on Richard Ligon’s True and Exact History of Barbados.


A recent study in the journal Nature made a compelling case for correlating the “Anthropocene” to the history of Anglo-European imperialism. Noting the significant decline in atmospheric carbon dioxide following the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andrea Knutson (Oakland University)

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P38 » Ecologies of Empire (10:15 - Friday, 23rd March, Enchantment B)

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