Schools of Abolition: In Search of the Black University

Robert Fanuzzi

St. John's University

Robert Fanuzzi is Associate Professor of English and Associate Provost at St. John’s University.  He is author of Abolition’s Public Sphere and essays in Early American Literature, ESQ, Legacy,  Keywords for American Cultural Studies.  Recent essays in American Literary History and J19 on the legacy of Franco-American literary relations derive from his book project, "The Empire Left Behind:  French Colonial Modernity and the Formation of American Nationalism."  He is the recipient of New York Council for the Humanities grants for public humanities and educational outreach programs, the basis of his next project, "Scholarship in Action: For an Applied Humanities."   


This panel eschews consideration of individual genius to examine antebellum African American literary institutions as sites of collective production and dissemination of intellectual knowledge. It focuses on the ways in which... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robert Fanuzzi (St. John's University)

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P36 » Collaboration and the Production of Intellectual Knowledge: African American Literary Institutions in the Antebellum North (10:15 - Friday, 23rd March, Fiesta I-II)

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