Consumption in the Adirondacks: Sportsman's Literature and the Curative Climate

Mark Sturges

St. Lawrence University

Mark Sturges is assistant professor of English at St.Lawrence University in northern New York, where he teaches a variety of coursesin American literature and environmental literature. He has published articlesabout the writings of Thomas Jefferson and William Bartram, the rhetoric ofagricultural reform in the early national era, the poetics of sheep farming inNew England, and the regional folklore of Pennsylvania. His current researchinterests include the cultural history of maple sugaring and the regionalliterature of the Adirondacks.


In the second half of the nineteenth century, tuberculosis patients flocked to remote corners of the United States, seeking refuge from the oppressive air of industrial cities and hoping for the health benefits of a curative... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mark Sturges (St. Lawrence University)

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