Poe's Tomahawk: Recycling Engine

Paul Hurh

University of Arizona

Paul Hurh is Associate Professor at the University of Arizona. His first book, American Terror: The Feeling of Thinking in Edwards, Poe, and Melville (Stanford 2015), charts the relation between models of Enlightenment method and the development of literary terror as a philosophical affect. His current projects explore Edgar Allan Poe’s astronomical aesthetics, spacetime in Herman Melville, and planetary conceptions of death in Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman.


From recycling as celebration the panel turns to recycling as attack via Edgar Allan Poe’s famously vicious reviews. Paul Hurh reads the “tomahawk” reviews as a new form of popular art, one which recycles the literary... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Paul Hurh (University of Arizona)

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P70 » Recycling: Poetics of Materiality and Repetition (10:15 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment E)

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