From Author Love to Freedom: Fugitive Tourism and William Wells Brown's Authorial Self-Invention

Charles Baraw

Southern Connecticut State University

Charles Baraw teaches American Literature at Southern Connecticut State University. His essay “William Wells Brown, Three Years in Europe, and Fugitive Tourism” won the 2012 Darwin T. Turner Award for the Year’s Best Essay in the African American Review. His recent work on Hawthorne appears in the Canadian Review of American Studies, “Hawthorne, A Pilgrimage to Salem, and the Poetics of Literary Tourism,” in Literary Imagination, “Hawthorne’s Two Bodies: Politics and Aesthetics in Our Old Home,” and in the collection Transatlantic Author Love in the Nineteenth Century edited by Paul Westover and Ann Rowland.


In William Wells Brown’s 1864 edition of Clotelle (published in a series marketed to Union soldiers), Brown extends the narrative to include a honeymoon in Geneva, where Clotelle and Jerome encounter a madman at their... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Charles Baraw (Southern Connecticut State University)

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P85 » Changing Climes: Geography, Mobility and Racial Justice in Antebellum Traveling Narratives (15:45 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment B)

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