A Wildflower Goes Native: Recovering Jane Johnston Schoolcraft's Ravaged Indigenous Ecologies

Steffi Dippold

Kansas State University

Steffi Dippold is assistant professor of Early and Native American literatures at Kansas State University. She has articles published and forthcoming on early Native American philology, indigenous medical traditions, and indigenous histories of the book. Apart from her book manuscript, "Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Early America," Steffi currently coedits with Lauren Coats "Beyond Recovery," a special issue for Early American Literature that focuses on new methodologies that work around and across missing and marginalized records and address the powerful pull of absence–of that which has been lost or suppressed—rather than of what is found.


It is easy to dismiss the poem “To the Miscodeed” by the Ojibwe poet Bamewawagezhikaquay, also known as Jane Johnston Schoolcraft. Her ode to the “sweet pink of northern wood and glen” reads like a disappointing effort... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Steffi Dippold (Kansas State University)

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