"Between Colonialization and Post-Colonialism: Nicholas Said's Nuanced Nationalism

Jessie Dunbar

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jessie LaFrance Dunbar is an Assistant Professor in the English Department of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She earned her doctorate in English from Emory University, and her Master's degree in English from the University of Georgia.  She was the recipient of a 2016 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship. A specialist in nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American, and African Diasporic literatures; she has secondary interests in Russian and Afro-Cuban history, literature, and cultures. Her current book project is titled Democracy, Diaspora, and Disillusionment: Black Itinerancy and the Propaganda Wars, on Russia's influence on African American politics.


Finally, demonstrating the intertwined nature of Reconstruction-era policies and attitudes towards African Americans and global colonial initiatives, the African-born Nicholas Said (1836-82), a formerly enslaved African Muslim... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jessie Dunbar (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

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P78 » Narratives of Love, Faith, and Empire in Civil War-Era Black Periodical Productions (14:00 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment B)

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