The Dark Races of the Pacific World

Edlie Wong

University of Maryland, College Park

Edlie Wong (presenter) is a Professor of English at the University of Maryland and the author of Racial Reconstruction: Black Inclusion, Chinese Exclusion, and the Fictions of Citizenship (2015) and Neither Fugitive nor Free: Atlantic Slavery, Freedom Suits, and the Legal Culture of Travel (2009). She is also the co-editor of a scholarly edition of George Lippard’s The Killers (2014). Her work has appeared in Social Text, American Literary History, American Literature, and African American Review. Her teaching and research interests include nineteenth-century American, African American, and Asian American literatures, law and literature, the black Atlantic, and critical race studies.


At the end of the century, the U.S. annexation of Hawaii (1898) and imperial war in the Philippines (1899-1902) again marked a radical shift in East-West relations and U.S. foreign and domestic policies on the Asia-Pacific.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Edlie Wong (University of Maryland, College Park)

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P61 » Re-Orienting Pacific Literary Histories (08:30 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment A)

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