Karen Sánchez-Eppler

Amherst College

Karen Sánchez-Eppler (respondent) is L. Stanton Williams 1941 Professor of American Studies and English at Amherst College. The author of Touching Liberty: Abolition, Feminism and the Politics of the Body (1993) and Dependent States: The Child’s Part in Nineteenth-Century American Culture (2005), she is currently working on two book projects The Unpublished Republic: Manuscript Cultures of the Mid-Nineteenth Century US and In the Archives of Childhood: Playing with the Past. She is one of the founding co-editors of The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth and past President of C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists.


Karen Sánchez-Eppler will offer a response to the four papers. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Karen Sánchez-Eppler (Amherst College)

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P61 » Re-Orienting Pacific Literary Histories (08:30 - Saturday, 24th March, Enchantment A)

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