Colonial Origins and Arizona Prison Narratives

Joe Lockard

Arizona State University

Joe Lockard is associate professor of English at Arizona State University. His previous books are on democratic education and the internet; US antislavery witness literature; and Iraq War culture. His forthcoming books are an edited collection on the Native American writer Louis Owens, from University of New Mexico Press and co-edited with A. Robert Lee, and a volume on teaching writing in prisons, co-edited with Sherry Rankins-Robertson, from Syracuse University Press.  He is currently writing on US antislavery poetry and producing cross-cultural teaching guides for a series of co-edited Chinese translations of North American antislavery literature. 


The relative modernity of Arizona as a US state has obscured the colonial origins of its prison system and its prison literature. These origins consolidated in the latter nineteenth century as a confinement system of military... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Joe Lockard (Arizona State University)

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P90 » The Social Climate of Punishment (09:00 - Sunday, 25th March, Fiesta I-II)

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