The Tragic Orator

Laura Mielke

University of Kansas

Laura Mielke is Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas, author of Moving Encounters: Sympathy and the Indian Question in Antebellum Literature (U of Massachusetts P, 2008), and co-editor with Joshua David Bellin of Native Acts: Indian Performance 1603-1832 (Nebraska UP, 2011). Her book manuscript on mid-nineteenth-century theatre and anti-slavery speech is currently under review with an academic press, and her work has appeared in American Literature, Scholarly Editing, MELUS, The Journal of American Theatre and Drama, American Indian Quarterly, Legacy, American Studies, and ATQ, as well as in edited collections.


With public speaking at the height of its cultural worth in the first decades of the nineteenth century, the concept of the tragic infected even the orator. Laura L. Mielke considers the figure of the tragic (or martyred)... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Laura Mielke (University of Kansas)

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P91 » "Tragedy from Below": Tragic Climates in C19 (09:00 - Sunday, 25th March, Fiesta III-IV)

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