Tragic Erasure

Karen Woods Weierman

Worcester State University

Karen Woods Weierman is Professor of English at Worcester State University (MA), where she teaches American literatures and conducts archival detective work at the neighborhood American Antiquarian Society. She is the author of One Nation, One Blood: Interracial Marriage in American Fiction, Scandal, and Law, 1820-1870 (U of Massachusetts P, 2005). She recently finished The Case of the Slave-Child, Med: Free Soil in Antislavery Boston (under contract with U of Massachusetts P), which restores the complicated history of antislavery Boston’s greatest legal victory and most devastating failure.


Karen Woods Weierman proposes the word erasure as key to understanding the complex circulation of the term “tragedy” in the discourse concerning freedom suits. In the landmark case Commonwealth v. Aves (1836), commonly... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Karen Woods Weierman (Worcester State University)

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P91 » "Tragedy from Below": Tragic Climates in C19 (09:00 - Sunday, 25th March, Fiesta III-IV)

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