A 'Rose' By Any Other Name: Defining 'Environment,' 'Disability,' and the Female Body in Alcott's Eight Cousins

Stephanie Peebles Tavera

University of Texas Arlington

Stephanie Peebles Tavera is a Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her current book-in-progress, tentatively titled Un(dis)covered Bodies: Science, Narrative, and the Female Body in Feminist Medical Fiction, offers a feminist disability theory approach to women’s medical fiction during the Comstock Law Era. Tavera has published articles in Science Fiction Studies and Utopian Studies, and is currently editing and writing the introduction for a Hastings College Press critical edition of Annie Nathan Meyer's Helen Brent, M.D. (1892).


Stephanie Peebles Tavera (UT Arlington) examines the genre of feminist medical fiction, which focuses primarily on social hygiene –or sex education– reform, countering the assumption that women’s minds and bodies are... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Stephanie Peebles Tavera (University of Texas Arlington)

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