Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's Two-Body Problem

Elissa Zellinger

Texas Tech University

Elissa Zellinger is Assistant Professor of English at Texas Tech University. Her book project, Lyrical Strains: Lyric, Liberalism, and Women’s Poetry, 1820-1920, examines how poetry by women allowed writers and readers to “strain” against and thereby clarify the assumptions of liberal selfhood in the United States during this period. Her scholarship has appeared in Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers and Texas Studies in Literature and Language. “‘I force them into fair dealing’: Poetic Professionalism in Elizabeth Akers Allen’s Letters” is forthcoming from Legacy.


Elissa Zellinger examines Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s poems about slave mothers, which insisted on the fundamental equality of the enslaved. In her poetry, the traumatic sale of the slave mother’s body has been... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Elissa Zellinger (Texas Tech University)

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