Evangelical Encounters: The American Tract Society and the Affective Rituals of Print Circulation in Antebellum America

Sonia Hazard

Franklin & Marshall College

Sonia Hazard is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Franklin & Marshall College. Her work focuses on religious print media in the nineteenth-century United States, and addresses questions of materiality, text and image technologies, and the everyday. Her articles appear in Religion and Society and Church History. She is currently editing a special issue of Early American Studies, called, “Keywords in Early American Material Texts.”


Sonia Hazard examines the largest media distribution system in antebellum America. Colportage mobilized hundreds of salaried distributors who delivered tracts to poor people at the doors of their homes. At its heart,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sonia Hazard (Franklin & Marshall College)

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