Below the Waterline: How Do We Narrate American Literary History?

Michelle Burnham

Santa Clara University

Michelle Burnham is Professor of English at Santa Clara University. She is currently completing a book, The Revolutionary Pacific: Transoceanic American Writing and the Calculus of Risk. She is the author of Folded Selves: Colonial New England Writing in the World System and Captivity and Sentiment: Cultural Exchange in American Literature, 1681-1865. She is also editor of A Separate Star: Selected Writings of Helen Hunt Jackson and co-editor of a new edition of The Female American. She is interested in transoceanic studies, literary recovery, feminist studies, studies of the novel, and Native American studies.


What counts as early, and what counts as American? How do our answers to these questions influence our scholarly and pedagogical labors along with the broader structure of our scholarly field (or fields)?This roundtable will... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michelle Burnham (Santa Clara University)

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P54 » Beyond Early, Beyond American (15:45 - Friday, 23rd March, Fiesta III-IV)

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