"The sky became a sheet of flame": The Transatlantic Climate of Slave Rebellion in 1831

Adam Thomas

Miami University of Ohio

Adam Thomas is Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies at Miami University in Ohio. His work has appeared in Women’s Studies Quarterly and the Journal of Caribbean History, and he received research fellowships from the Social Science Research Council, Council on Library and Information Resources, the American Antiquarian Society, and the American Philosophical Society. He is currently working on a book entitled “An Unparalleled Time of Difficulty and Danger: Slave Rebellion, Emancipation, and Memory in the Atlantic World.”


In 1831, two momentous slave rebellions—the “Nat Turner revolt” in Virginia and the “Baptist War” in Jamaica—erupted within four months of one another. Yet the relationship between the two events has rarely been... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adam Thomas (Miami University of Ohio)

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P56 » Materializing the Atlantic Climate of Antislavery (15:45 - Friday, 23rd March, Enchantment E)

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